Crafting delicious coffee is the goal of every coffee concierge. To place your best offerings in a single-serve portion for distribution can be a daunting task. Of course, the convenience of a single serving cup of coffee is undeniable. Still, you may be left with concerns about the quality. The thought of your single-serve K-cup remaining in storage somewhere for weeks on end can stop you in your tracks not knowing what your coffee will taste like after such a pause. 

Enter the artisan pod! This enables your beans to be packaged on your site at the peak of their flavor. The trick to keeping single-serving pods fresh is in the filling process. The pods are created with a pressure that inhibits oxygen storage, thus extending the freshness of the coffee flavor. This aspect and the specific grind of the coffee create a beautifully smooth, non-bitter, great-tasting coffee every time.

Freshness Tricks

You can regulate the pressure created in your packaging pod. Producing pressure stops the just ground freshness from expiring. This process captures the organic flavor of the beans and stops oxygen from entering the pod, creating sealed in freshness.

Another factor that dictates quality is the amount of coffee in the pod.  If you underfill the pods, there is more space available for oxygen to reside. This is a recipe for disaster, causing the flavor to disintegrate, creating bitterness. The artisan pod gives the roaster the ability to fill the pod to the level desired.

The G-Pod Difference

There is a better alternative for the environment. Most coffee pods are plastic adding to the overwhelming issue of landfills and waterways filling up with plastic waste. Compostable pods are eco-friendly to the delight of each customer.

Gorby coffee offers unique G-Pods that are distinctly different from any other K-cup or single-serving container because you set the standard of freshness by packaging them on-site with your unique curated beans. Check out today to see how the Gorby Coffee Packing Machine can help your business grow.