Your customers know that aroma the instant they walk in your door. Taking a deep breath and sharing a smile, they order up your house blend and dream of having it for themselves. You sell your beans and the ground version by the bag, and people love it. But you know you’re missing a huge part of the market that adores the single-pod brewer. Now what?

It’s Time for the Gorby 1000 & G-Pod to Help Put Your Blend in Every Home

You put your passion into your coffee. With the right beans, the perfect blend, and a fresh roast, you can say you love that coffee in your heart. And so do your customers. But for all the pleasure in the pursuit of the perfect coffee, you know everyone looks for whatever conveniences they can. Enter- the coffee pod with the superb flavor and quality of a freshly brewed cup every time, it’s hard to disagree with the concept. But all those plastic cups are piling up in landfills across the country. It’s also painful to be part of that problem as you attempt to solve another, until now. 

The Gorby 1000 and the G-Pod are here to change everything. What if you could produce the perfect pod- right in your own building. Your specialty coffee in a completely compostable pod. It’s no dream. With our machine and your beans, coffee pod heaven is finally attainable. 

Taste, Convenience, and Compostable

The Gorby 1000 lets you package up to 1000 pods of your freshly roasted specialty coffee right on location, so you lock in the peak flavor and aroma. The pods are organic and compostable, so they don’t contribute to the overabundance of plastic globally, and you don’t have to either. Your customers will love knowing they can have it all, taste, convenience and a completely compostable pod. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Contact Gorby Coffee today to find out more about the Gorby 1000 and our G-cups. You’ll want to get your order in right away so you can up your freshly roasted coffee game now. Call (651) 207-4921 or use our convenient contact form