While single-use coffee pods have become a multi-billion dollar industry, the industry has also had a significant, negative impact on our environment. There are several reasons for this, but is there an alternative? Yes, there is!

The Problem with Plastic Coffee Pods

Plastic coffee pods were first “invented” in the 1990s but hadn’t gained widespread popularity until 2004. After that, their use increased steadily, but it wasn’t until Keurig Green Mountain developed the first “Keurig” that the convenience pods really took off. 

From 2004 to 2014, so many K-cups were sold that they could circle the Earth ten times. Unfortunately, because many of those are still sitting in landfills or have made their way to rivers, lakes, and oceans, they probably are circling the Earth ten times. 

By 2016, a city in Germany had banned single-use coffee machines in all state-run offices. The person who created the K-cup has been quoted as saying he “feels bad sometimes” about the negative environmental impact that the plastic cups have made. 

But why are these plastic cups so detrimental to the health of the planet?

  • Due to their small size, many recycling facilities cannot sort them away from the non-recyclable trash.
  • They are designed with a filter inside, making them difficult to break apart into recyclable and non-recyclable parts.
  • Most of the cup is made of #7 plastic which is rarely recyclable. 

What is Compostable Plastic?

There is a new type of single-use coffee pod available now designed of compostable plastic. This type of plastic can be broken down at commercial compost facilities where heat is added to achieve the desired result.  For those who are environmentally conscious, this is a radical new option that still allows for the convenience of single-use coffee cups.

For those who love the convenience of single-serve coffee pods but are looking for a better, more eco-friendly option, try the Gorby G-Pods. Not only are they made of compostable plastic, but they also offer the highest-quality and freshest pods available.