A great way to expand your business, and bring in more profit, is to distribute your roasted coffee into local Grocery stores in your region. Gorby Coffee can help. Their pod system allows you to package your fresh roasted coffee on a quick, convenient scale. Once you have your product ready to go, you can deliver to your local grocers to get these single-serving pods out front and center where more extensive clientele can effortlessly buy them. Today’s customers are sensitive to buy environmentally friendly products. They also desire to support small businesses, putting opportunity into your hands. This creates a win-win for the customers receiving freshly roasted coffee and creating your signature fresh, delectable unique roast.

Compostable G-Pod

Good for your roasting company, great for the environment. An important selling point for local home-grown customers will be the 100% compostable G-Pod. The rise in single-brew coffee has caused grocers to expanded products housed in these pods or capsules. Simultaneously, concerns about the growing volume of waste attributable to the tiny pods have prompted options beyond landfilling. This compostable feature will put you head and shoulders above the big-box competitors.

Quick Turnover

We understand the quality of your single-serving coffee goes down with storage time. Gorby has your solution. The Gorby 1000 G-Pod machine is compact and allows packaging up to 1000 pods of your delicious home-roasted ground beans per hour in the convenience of your shop. We believe that the freshest coffee is roasted onsite, which in turn creates swift movement into your customer’s hands. By enabling packaging on location, the coffee’s flavor is created at the peak of your unique one-of-a-kind fresh roasted product. 

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