Coffee is an incredible beverage. In addition to its power to give us energy and mental acuity, it has the ability to unite us. Whether it is around the kitchen table or at a corner coffee shop, people love to get together for coffee — and have been for centuries.

Whether you know it or not, as a roaster of premium coffee, you are creating this magical elixir that has incredible bonding powers.

How coffee brings people together

People love to go out, sit down, and meet up for coffee. Consider these common ways java pulls people together:

  • Coffee breaks – A time-honored tradition in the workplace, coffee breaks are a 15-minute reprieve to sit down, relax and fuel up for the rest of the day. While the history of the coffee break may be a bit fuzzy, some say it started as far back as 1902. It didn’t really hit its jittery stride — and official name — until the 1950s. Whenever it started, whatever it was called, we can all be thankful for that mid-day breather.
  • Coffee shops – While the coffee shops certainly enjoyed a boom in the ‘90s, the concept of a public gathering place specifically designed for the enjoyment of coffee goes back to the 1500s, on the Arabian Peninsula. Coffee houses were popular gathering places for people to socialize, listen to music and keep up on current events. They were so revered they were referred to as “Schools of the Wise.” They continue to be the destination of choice for coffee klatches, people who get together, talk smart and solve the world’s problems.
  • Promises of future gatherings – How many times have you run into an old friend or acquaintance and departed with the hopeful promise of getting together for coffee someday? Whether or not it ever happens, it’s an idyllic notion we all want to believe will happen someday. The very idea of getting together for coffee conjures up romantic ideas of settling into a cozy chair, catching up and letting the hours mindlessly slip by.

Getting together over coffee is a special treat, even if it happens every day. So, the coffee should be memorable. That’s where you come in. Adding your special roast to these cherished moments only makes them that much more special. When you use the Gorby 1000 to package your fresh roast in single-serving pods, your customers can enjoy your custom creation at home, in your shop or wherever life takes them.

The Gorby 1000 is an easy-to-use machine that will package up to 1000 biodegradable and compostable pods per hour. This allows you to package your roast and seal in the flavor at the peak of freshness at your own location. Contact us to learn more about the Gorby 1000 and how it is helping roasters bring people together, one cup — or pod — at a time.