Are you a coffee connoisseur? A connoisseur is created by mixing a sense of adventure, curiosity, and imagination together and adding a dash of risk. The average person will find what he or she likes and sticks with that. For them, venturing outside their palate’s comfort zone is a rare occurrence. These are the ones who often say they don’t like a particular food or beverage and when you ask if they’ve tasted it, they might reply with a sour face and an emphatic “No!” A true connoisseur, on the other hand, takes risks. A coffee connoisseur enjoys the adventure of pressing into unknown territory. 

Broadening Horizons
Being a coffee connoisseur can be expensive. Like any adventurer, you try new things, see what works, and discard what does not meet your standards. You share your discoveries with friends and relatives and the ripple effect takes place. Some will introduce you to their discoveries, some will share your discoveries with their friends and the ripples spread outward. Yes, it can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. There is a cost-effective solution.

Locally roasted coffee is in high demand. Less adventurous coffee hounds will find a roast or two they like and stick with it. The connoisseur will venture into deeper territory, even after finding a delectable blend. Stockpiling bags of coffee, however small, however fresh, is not the ideal way. Gorby has the answer.

The Taste Advantage
Local roasters know the advantages of freshly roasted beans. Flavors are at their peak when the coffee is brewed shortly after grinding, and coffee connoisseurs look for excellence in quality. Gorby G-Pods offer you the opportunity, as a roaster and a connoisseur, to ensure your coffee aficionados have an excellent cup of coffee every time. Single-serve G-Pods allow you to package your freshly roasted coffee right on the premises. With our Gorby 1000, you can package as many as 1000 pods per hour. 

For the Greater Good
Our G-Pods also offer another great advantage. Using our G-pods not only provides the freshest flavor and convenience, but they are also environmentally friendly. Gorby for Good makes single-serve coffee a guilt-free experience. Billions of little plastic single-serve containers are taking up a lot of space in landfills, but you needn’t feel any guilt you’re adding to the crisis. With our biodegradable G-pods, you get a great, fresh taste and a pod that is earth-friendly.

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