As a roaster, how do you feel when someone tells you they buy their coffee pods from the grocery store? If you are like us, you spring into education mode and share your knowledge of the difference between freshly roasted beans and those that have been sitting on the shelves for months. But some people just have to experience the difference between average coffee and exceptional coffee for themselves.

That’s where G-pods come in. You can capture the essence of your coffee at its most flavorful moment — right after it has been roasted. Just seal it in a G-pod and share samples with your customers. Creating samples of your own locally roasted single-serve G-pods will give you the unique opportunity to allow your customers to experience your coffee and know they want more.

Taste Exceptional Coffee

You and I know the difference between freshly roasted beans and the coffee sitting on the shelves in the grocery stores, but your customers might not. When you provide them with a sample of your artisan product, you allow them to take your product home and experience the difference between your superior product and what they are used to drinking.

Find Their Favorite Roast

Many consumers assume they know their favorite roast. Some may fancy themselves a dark roast connoisseur, only to discover they like a medium roast now and again. But they may be hesitant to shop a large quantity of something new, afraid that they won’t like it. Providing them with samples of a variety of roasts is an effective way to allow a curious customer to try some of your best work and help them decide their preferences.

Build Loyalty to Your Brand

Providing your customers with samples of your product goes a long way toward retaining that customer for life. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that provides better service and higher quality than the competition. Offering samples of your product is a way to set yourself apart from others. G-pod samples are a good way to build and retain a loyal following.

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