Compostable coffee pods from Gorby offer a convenient and sustainable way of making the perfect brew every time with a touch of a single button. Foodservice businesses like restaurants and cafes can benefit from compostable coffee to delight their customers and increase their revenues. Here are three significant benefits of coffee pods for foodservice businesses. 

Longer Lasting Freshness with Compostable Coffee Pods

Bagged coffee grounds start to lose their flavor and aroma the moment the package is opened. With coffee pods from Gorby, the smell and tastes of the freshly ground coffee beans are carefully preserved.  The unique seal on our compostable coffee pods helps stop the aging process, withstand the out-gasing pressure, and keep any atmospheric O2 out.  Because of this strong seal, unopened compostable coffee pods from Gorby can maintain their freshness for much longer than your traditional coffee pods. 

Less Waste and Mess

Single-serve machines with coffee pods make less of a mess than other brewing methods. The pods are placed in the machine, and all you do is add water. There is no waste and mess from spilled coffee grounds, and the process makes the machine easier to clean. Your customers can enjoy piping fresh coffee every time without you having to waste coffee that has gone stale sitting in a coffee pot.  And better yet, with use of Gorby’s compostable coffee pods, you can rest assured knowing that you and your customers are remaining eco-friendly day in and day out. 

Compostable Coffee Pods Save Time

Coffee pods from Gorby can help save time by reducing preparation time. You do not have to worry about training employees on recipes for specialty coffee beverages. All the ingredients you need are already contained within each of our uniquely sealed compostable pods. A fresh cup of coffee with coffee pods takes around two to three minutes. This quick brewing time allows your employees to spend more time serving customers.

Sustainable Coffee Pods Solution for Food Service Businesses

If you roast your own blend of gourmet coffee, sustainable coffee pods from Gorby can be the perfect solution for any foodservice business. At Gorby Coffee, we offer the Gorby 1000 machine to assist you with packaging your own coffee grounds into our compostable coffee pods.

Deliver the perfect cup of coffee for your customers while staying green and efficient by placing your order today.