Creating flavorful coffee is an art, but it is also a business. As a coffee roaster, you take pride in your unique blends and techniques that set your company apart from the competition. While not everyone in the bean business wants to become a coffee giant, most coffee entrepreneurs do want to reach more customers. To expand your brand, consider offering more options for your audience, including convenient single-serving pods. 

Single-Servings are Here to Stay

While there will always be those that prefer to grind their own beans and brew their pot of glorious coffee, many others want the convenience of single-serving pods. There are many hybrid coffee consumers that want the best of both worlds – fresh, specialized blends in a convenient, single-serving size. If you’re going to reach a broader audience with your product, offering a single-serving pod in addition to your beans is a way to expand your brand and grow your business. 

Finding a Quality, Eco-Friendly Pod

One of the drawbacks of the pod concept for coffee roasters is protecting their product’s quality. You want to give your customers an excellent cup every time, but traditional mass production can hurt quality. Many coffee roasters are also concerned with environmental factors – staying green is essential to them and their customers. The good news is that with the Gorby 1000 and G-Pods, you can preserve the quality of your roast and minimize the impact on the environment when you add single-serving options. 

The Gorby 1000 allows you to freshly pack your blends in single-serving G-Pods that are 100% biodegradable. This gives you the option to create pods for your customers right at your roasting or packing facility without diminishing the freshness of your product. The equipment is efficient and straightforward to use, with eco-friendly pods that will not negatively impact the environment. 

If you are ready to look at options to widen your coffee roasting customer base, consider the benefits of adding single-serving pods to your product line. Contact us at Gorby to learn more about our ecologically and economically affordable options for expanding your coffee brand with our Gorby 1000 coffee packing machine and degradable G-Pods.