There has been a revolutionary shift in the coffee industry with the advent of the coffee pod. This innovation redefined how we enjoy a steaming mug of coffee at home.

While traditional procedures like immersion, drip and forced extractions require specialized skills and expensive equipment, the coffee pod does not. It is so easy; anyone can do it.


The Pod Crisis

Unfortunately, these tiny pods made of aluminum and plastic can take hundreds of years to degrade in a landfill. This is a big problem, as the market for single-serve coffee is foreseen to grow dramatically – by a minimum of 30% a year.

Already, the number of pods sold yearly is in the billions. Unfortunately, that is a tremendous quantity of waste being generated! As a result, many companies are providing more sustainable options like recyclable, reusable and compostable coffee pods.


The Problems with Recycling Plastic Pods

Business owners that care about doing right by their company face a predicament when deciding which pods to use in their coffee product line. Should they go with recyclable or compostable pods? What option is preferable from an ecological standpoint, and why?

Good news: Gorby Coffee has the answers! Its compostable G-Pods bypass all the recycling problems of plastic pods – like food contamination- making it challenging to recycle the plastic (if people even toss them into the recycling bin in the first place). In addition, even if the plastic pods are recycled, buying plastic pods still supports the fossil fuel conglomerates contributing to global warming.  


The Problems with Recycling Aluminum Pods

Then there are aluminum pods, which require energy to shave the aluminum, burn away the varnish and melt the treated metal into a usable form. 

So, it seems that recyclable coffee pods of any kind will not solve the waste issue. Instead, the better solution is to switch to a pod that breaks down more quickly and will not harm the environment when it does. That pod is Gorby Coffee’s compostable G-Pods.

As a responsible business owner, you can order G-Pods and pack them with fresh-ground coffees. Whether you are the owner of a coffee shop or a local retailer/vendor, your customers will get superior freshness to rival any coffee house pour-over. Then, the pods can be composted, causing no harm to the planet.


G-Pods for a More Sustainable Future

Gorby Coffee aims to provide people with single-serve coffees that are better-quality beverages and better for the environment and your health. 

If you are concerned about making a difference toward a more sustainable future, switching to G-pods is one little step you can take. You can learn more or order our compostable coffee pods via our website.