As a coffee shop owner, you want to deliver the best experience for your customers. Therefore, it is vital to have the best ingredients for your customers. Compostable pods are an environmentally friendly way to make serving delicious cups of coffee your customers will love. Here are three tips to help you make and enjoy the best brew using compostable coffee pods. 


Select Premium Coffee for Your Pods

To serve and enjoy the best brew, you may want to select premium grounds in popular flavors to pack into compostable pods. Also, ensure you have honey, milk and sugar to add to the coffee to boost its taste. The compostable coffee pods from Gorby Coffee are sealed to help keep the coffee fresh and hold in the flavor until you are ready to serve your customers.


Use Filtered Water

The water you use for your compostable coffee pods can significantly affect the taste. Tap water may contain contaminants that can ruin the flavor of premium coffee for your customers. Instead, use filtered water to help boost the taste. 


Time Your Pack

 Upon roasting, the beans will begin to out-gas and start the “aging clock”.  Once ground, the clock ticks faster.  Like the Goldilock’s story, packing early will risk a lid burst. Packing late risks losing the sought-out flavor.  Somewhere in between, an equilibrium is reached where the out-gas pressure matches the pod pressure, in effect stopping the aging clock and blocking entrance  by oxygen.  This sweet-spot will vary with each bean and roast combination and require some patient experimenting.  However, once reached, you will be rewarded with a brew that will challenge a pour-over.  


Deliver the Best Brew with Compostable Coffee Pods

Start with good coffee, fresh from the roast. Pack it at the peak of its  flavor. Capture that flavor with a personalized lid that showcases your product and then treat your customers to a big WOW cup of coffee…  all while helping save the planet with 100% compostable pods.