It’s a good question to ask because you also have to think about the sustainability of your business. The good news is most customers will frequent your shop regardless of their personal views on sustainability if the coffee is good. 

Customers want value for money. However, many customers are also focused on protecting our world. Plastic isn’t kind to the environment or eco-systems. Eliminating plastic packaging can significantly reduce the impact of waste materials on wildlife, vulnerable terrain, and our oceans. 

Biodegradable Activists

If you practice sustainability through your business practices and the products that you sell, environmentally conscious customers will frequent your store. Committing to protecting the planet is a strong statement. 

Any individual who wants to preserve our eco-systems around the world will get behind biodegradable coffee pods. There is no requirement to take additional actions that ensure plastic coffee pods are properly recycled, and nor does the customer have to trust that the business will ethically dispose of waste. 

Casual Coffee Drinkers

Of course, not everybody is aware of the necessity to use biodegradable products that do not destroy the environment. That doesn’t make those customers bad people. However, they are also unlikely to boycott your business upon discovering that you use biodegradable products. All these customers are interested in is the quality and cost of the coffee that you serve. 

There is also the opportunity to educate casual coffee drinkers in your shop when you sell coffee in biodegradable pods. These customers may become eco-warriors once they see that sustainability is one of the most powerful tools we have for preserving the world that we love. 

IF you would like to learn more about coffee products for your business that are eco-friendly, reach out to Gorby Coffee today.