If you think about traditional K-Cups, you might not be very impressed.

Even if the beans were roasted correctly, mass packaging and shipping degrade its freshness and therefore, its flavor. That doesn’t stop billions of single-serve pods from being sold every year, though. Those billions sold result in a lot of waste that translates into bad news for our environment.

It’s time to put your brand in the spotlight with an environmentally-friendly single-serve option of your own.

Single Servings Make Sense

The single-serving craze has made that size the most preferred among coffee drinkers. Its convenience is unmatched. Everyone can have their own customized drink in the snap of their fingers. If you’re not offering your roast in single-size servings, you’re missing out on a significant portion of the coffee-drinking market. Serve it fresh and piping hot to each and every person instead of letting the delicious freshness become stale in a pot.

Your Perfect Roast

You put a lot of effort into making sure your beans are roasted to perfection. Getting the temperature and color just right takes skill. The process is your passion and the end results are your reward. Share your love for your craft with everyone, one cup at a time.

Everybody knows coffee is the freshest and tastes the best immediately after grinding the beans. Shipping your roast off to be packaged doesn’t make sense if you’re trying to deliver a quality cup of coffee. Having on-site packaging is a necessary investment.

The Right Answer
Gorby Coffee offers the Gorby 1000, a machine that creates G-Pods. G-Pods are single-serving size cups and are 100% biodegradable, so you’re not harming the environment. Seal in your fresh-roasted coffee’s flavor at its peak. Call us at 651-408-5768 or reach us by email contact@gorbycoffee.com.