When it comes to brewing coffee, the two most popular options are the standard pot of coffee or the single serving variety. While coffee lovers will not turn a cup of their favorite blend down from either source, there are some advantages to choosing the single serving brewing method. If you have the choice, you may enjoy each serving of coffee more when it is made by the cup. Here are a few reasons why:

Coffee Loses Its Flavor Sitting in a Pot

For coffee lovers, few things can beat a perfect cup of coffee – except having two, three or more cups of that same coffee! The standard pot of coffee seems like a reasonable solution to give you access to multiple servings of your favorite brew. However, you have probably noticed that the second and third cups never quite live up to the taste of the first cup from the pot. This is not your imagination – as the coffee sits, it changes in flavor. It can become burnt or bitter, which is why making each cup fresh gives you better flavor.

Faster and More Versatility

With single serving pods, you can make a fresh cup of coffee in less than two minutes, whenever you want one. It is much quicker than a full pot – even with a sneak-a-cup feature on your coffee maker, you risk ruining the consistency of the pot of coffee by taking a cup too soon. You can also switch varieties between cups for more versatility. You may want to start with a robust blend in the morning to wake up the senses, then have a milder blend later in the day.

Less Waste

How many cups of coffee are poured down the drain every day from the bottom of coffee pots? No one wants the burnt syrup at the bottom of a pot that has been sitting for an hour or more. Single cups of coffee are the perfect size, reducing waste.

At Gorby, we have perfected the single serve coffee option with our convenient compostable G-Pods and Gorby 1000 pod machine. If you are a roaster or coffee shop owner, give your customers the advantage of making your coffee by the cup by creating your own pods. Contact us today at 651-408-5768 to learn more about our products.