When the first few red leaves of the season appear, so do the cravings for a cozy cup of coffee. And while pumpkin spice coffee is still a favorite for many, there are a variety of other warm –and unexpected—flavors you won’t want to overlook this season.

The Nice & The Spicy

These are the flavors that never disappoint and some unexpected twists sure to warm you up from the inside out.    

  • Vanilla, Almond, and Hazelnut

These classics are always a hit in the fall and for good reason: they’re delicious. A dash of flavored syrup or a drop of extract right in the cup will do the trick.

  • Cardamom

A warm spice found in Middle Eastern cuisine, cardamom is an obvious flavor for fall. With a sprinkle of cardamom in your cup, add a touch of sweetener and a dash of cream for a special treat.

  • Bitters

Bitters has been living large on the cocktail scene and we can’t think of a single reason not to put it in coffee. With fall flavors on the market like cranberry, blood orange, and molasses, we think you’ll agree. Just add a little sweetener to balance it out. And remember bitters is booze, so…  

Full on Fall

There’s no mistaking the season when you fill a cup with one of these rich flavors.   

  • Nutmeg

Just a sprinkle on your favorite roast will give it full on fall cred. If you’re feeling extra fancy, grate a fresh nut right into the mug.  

  • Maple

We think coffee deserves as much—or more— maple syrup love as pancakes. Drizzle a spoonful of nature’s most delicious sweetener right into your cup and drink in the flavors of fall.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut

Hazelnut is fine, chocolate hazelnut is sublime. It’s good on toast, great in coffee. Drop a dollop into your cup, pour in warm coffee, and stir until melted together. It’s the rich, sweet reward you deserve after a day of raking (and jumping in) leaves.

When the cool, crisp fall air calls for a steaming cup of joe, sometimes the standard roast just won’t do. Fantastic fall flavors abound, ranging from tried and true favorites to surprising new flavors that may have you wondering what you ever saw in pumpkin spice anyway.   

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