This time of year, most people are thinking about self-improvement and reaching new goals. If reducing your environmental impact is part of your new approach to a new year, then you know it’s important to examine what you toss in the trash. If you’re a fan of single-serve coffee, then you also know it can be high-waste. Fortunately, there’s an eco-friendlier option on the market to keep your footprint small and your single-serve coffee satisfaction high.


The Many Benefits of Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods

Billions of plastic coffee pods make their way to landfills every year, 

and most of them are made of non-compostable plastic. These pods are bad for the environment, but they’re also bad for your coffee. The mass production process for coffee pods impacts the quality of the coffee made with them, just like the disposal process impacts the planet. In the end, you’re sacrificing quality and your carbon-footprint goals in exchange for a minimal uptick in convenience. Some companies offer recyclable options, though food contamination is a major hurdle to plastic recycling, and closed pods’ design makes cleaning them labor intensive. Any convenience from the single-serve design is lost when you factor in the added cleaning time and carefully sorting used coffee pods. 


Why Compostable Coffee Pods are the Future 

Gorby Coffee was founded to address the two-fold issue with most single-serve coffee pods: excessive waste and diminished coffee quality. Compostable pods packed with high-quality coffee mean you get a better cup of coffee with less guilt about your environmental impact, a win-win proposition.

Ready to make this year your most sustainable, low environmental impact yet? Gorby Coffee can help. Visit the website to learn more about the process, along with ways to increase the satisfaction of your morning coffee while slashing your landfill impact.