A coffee pod machine is perfect for specialty roasters who want people to enjoy a delicious brew but do not have the time or patience to deal with the hassle of grinding beans, measuring servings of ground coffee or heating water in a kettle.

These simple machines enable the brewing process to become a single, disposable pod, making the whole thing as easy and quick as using a tea bag. The outcome is high-quality coffee within minutes and with minimal effort.


Guilt-Free Convenience with Compostable Disposable Pods

The pod maker is convenient, but Gorby Coffee takes it a step further by making the disposable pods compostable. This move gives customers peace of mind that they are not hurting the environment.

It is commonly believed that the things that make our lives easier also tend to be the least sustainable. Indeed, sometimes conveniences inevitably have repercussions; but those repercussions are often unnecessary.

For example, disposable coffee pods can be made of something other than plastic. Making them out of compostable material instead results in a sustainable convenience.

Opportunities exist within our wasteful lifestyles to eliminate waste, improving the quality of these stress-free experiences. We at Gorby Coffee think this is a good thing, so we only sell compostable coffee pods for your single-serve drinks.


Consuming Sustainably Made Coffee Provides Peace of Mind

Any true coffee connoisseur will agree that nothing beats the taste of freshly brewed coffee. A fresh cup of coffee is one of the critical advantages of a single-serve coffee machine. Using compostable coffee pods adds value to this advantage. You can rest easy knowing that the fresh cup of joe you enjoy is not adding more plastic waste to the world.

Single-serve coffee also wastes fewer coffee grounds, making those cups made using compostable pods even more eco-friendly. In addition, preparing one cup at a time reduces food waste and can save you money.

If you run a coffee shop, you can order Gorby Coffee G-pods, roast your coffee beans, grind them and package up to one thousand pods an hour on-site. As a result, you offer your customers the freshest eco-friendly coffee possible.

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