Single serve coffee pods are very popular. They provide convenience and variety; however there are drawbacks to this great innovation. The coffee pods add to the waste in landfills and unfortunately, the coffee they hold isn’t as fresh as it could be. Unless it’s Gorby: For Good.

A Great Solution? Gorby: For Good

What if you could have the convenience of the single serving coffee pod, but the freshness of locally ground coffee? That’s what’s available with the Gorby 1000. This compact and ergonomically-designed machine allows you to package up to 1000 pods per hour on-site.

Founded by George Gorbatenko in 2011, Gorby addresses both the problem of unnecessary coffee pod waste and fresh coffee. Gorby’s coffee pods are certified 100%  compostable. The G-Pod produces a great cup of coffee and it doesn’t have the negative impact on the environment as other coffee pods do. Convenience, flavor, and no guilt all in one little coffee pod!

Good to the Bottom Line

Do you create special blends in your coffee shop? Or perhaps you are a roaster who likes creating new flavors for java aficionados. Either way, the GORBY  1000 is a great investment on several levels. Some customers may like one particular blend, while a ton of others rave over a different one. With the GORBY  1000, you can satisfy all your customers without waste or worry. Make a lot for the popular blend and a little for those with a more select taste.  With digital technology, multiple lid graphics can be economically accommodated.  You are the pod master!

Not only do your customers have the opportunity to experience single serve freshness of your most recent blend, they also get to do that knowing the pods they use will simply biodegrade and go back to nature. Chances are you’ll develop a loyal following because the coffee is great and the pod is environmentally friendly.

Sobering Statistics of the Pod Life

In some areas, coffee pods make up 1% of trash dumped in landfills. Some statistics say when placed end to end, the little pods circle the globe more than five times. With the demand for single-serve beverages constantly increasing, that number is only going to rise. If those pods weren’t going to be around in five, or ten, or even twenty years, it wouldn’t be quite as bad, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They only add to an already over-polluted world.

G-Pods on the other hand, don’t hang around long in landfills. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable; i.e. environmentally friendly. Give your customers the treat of no-guilt, freshly ground single-serve coffee pods. Contact us today for more information about the GORBY  1000 and the G-Pod.