It is that time of year when teachers and students are heading back to school. Once upon a time, people would bring their teacher and apple on the first day of school to help keep the teacher healthy throughout the year. As nice of a thought as that may be, it is outdated. In today’s world, we have found better solutions to keeping healthy that also make for a more productive day, such as a nice, hot cup of coffee. As long as the coffee has caffeine, it will surely be appreciated by any teacher. So, leave the apple at home and grab your teacher a cup of coffee to start his or her day just right.

Caffeine is Fuel

A teacher’s day does not start or end when the students are in the school. Your teacher likely wakes up before the sun is up. He or she has much to do to prepare for you before you sit in your seat. Once you leave, your teacher must still work at school and then at home preparing for the next day and making sure he or she is ready for anything that the classroom dishes out. Many times, he or she is only getting five hours of sleep or less. These long days cannot fall victim to exhaustion. Your teacher requires fuel to keep going from one hour to the next, while staying happy and energetic. Coffee offers the caffeine needed to fuel your teacher and help him or her get through the day. Otherwise, they could easily fall asleep in class as your teacher will lose his or her edge.

The Health Benefits

In addition to being fuel, coffee has been scientifically proven to help prevent illness and disease. Many studies have shown that people who drink more than a cup of coffee a day will live longer and find themselves at the doctor less often. Teachers, on the other hand, are among the unhealthiest professionals known to man. It is not because they, themselves, live unhealthy lifestyles. It is because they are exposed to every germ imaginable every day of the school year. Therefore, they require as much help as possible to keep the germs away. The antioxidants in coffee are a great place to start to allow your teachers to stay healthy, even when every student around them is sick.

In all, teachers are among the top ten professions to drink the most coffee for a reason. They need it to get the job done and stay on top of their game. With all of coffee’s benefits, it is no wonder that teachers are part of the backbone of America’s coffee culture. Just remember, leave the decaf coffee next to the apple, as neither will help a teacher. Make sure you include a pot of coffee in your list of school supplies, and you will surely have a great relationship with any teacher.

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