America has many subcultures: sports, beer, music, shopping, movies, and many more. However, none of these cultures seem to transcend generation as strongly as coffee culture. Americans are obsessed with coffee. Everywhere you turn, a new use for coffee is discovered and touted. At first, it was simply a beverage to help you start your morning. Then, it became an afternoon pick-me-up at the office. Now, everyone from deliriously sleep deprived new moms to the octogenarian that is trapped, listening to another school choir sing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” in the middle of February, yearns for a great cup of coffee. America has become so consumed by the coffee culture that now single-serve options have overtaken even the home. Everyone can have their own favorite blend or flavor without needing to make six different pots at once. Coffee has taken on a life of its own and has numerous purposes beyond a simple cup of joe to wake you up in the morning.

Grab a Cup

It was not that long ago when asking someone to come up to your apartment for a cup of coffee was slang for… well, not having coffee. Yet even that has changed. Now, grabbing a cup of coffee has taken over the business and dating worlds alike. Drinking coffee together is noncommittal and innocuous enough that it can be seen as a friendly gesture to help you get to know one another. In business, getting together for a cup of coffee is an easy way to get to know a potential client or colleague. It is a brief meeting when compared to a meal and also far less formal than meeting in your office.

Internet dating has also brought getting a cup of coffee to the forefront of social interaction. When you meet someone online and want to get to know them in a safe environment, getting a cup of coffee is always a safe bet. This atmosphere allows you to relax and enjoy getting to know one another without the loud distractions a bar may offer. This trend has become so popular that entire Internet sites have been dedicated to setting up that first coffee date.

The Scene

Coffee shops have even replaced bars in many towns as the go-to place to see a live band and enjoy a night out. Independently run small shops entice younger crowds as well as older couples looking for a quiet date night. A good cup of coffee can give the atmosphere that specific aroma that makes it enticing to anyone who just wants a friendly, warm environment to enjoy a night out with friends. While this has been the norm on college campuses for some time, it is quickly taking over other areas as a place to see and be seen. Many coffee shops are catering to the drinking crowd as well by offering adult coffees after 9 P.M.

The fact is Americans are obsessed with coffee. This trend has grown exponentially over the years and is not disappearing anytime soon. The more Americans want good, fresh coffee, the more important it is to offer single-serve options at your place of business. To learn more about how to get in on the coffee trend, contact the experts at Gorby Coffee at (651) 408-5768.