K-Cups and pods were all the rage when they came out, but it’s becoming clear they pose a few problems that are getting harder to ignore. Let’s look at what makes them good and what makes them something to think differently about.

Pods are Good?

The great aspects of pods are why they became so popular:

Fast and Convenient –  The older generation of Boomers and Next Generation adults are  familiar with instant coffee. They are the originators of the workaholic – busy-scheduled parents who fueled their day on quick and cheap caffeine. Today, we know better than to trust our taste-buds to freeze-dried powder, but we still want our coffee, and we want it now, as we rush out the door. Pods are ready in a minute, which is faster than heating water in the microwave.

Variety and flavors –  Nearly every grocery store has an aisle filled with a variety of flavors and styles of coffee. 

Pods are Bad – the Conventional Ones, Anyway

There’s a dark side to conventional single-serve coffee pods:

1.) Environmental issues –  It’s well-known that plastic doesn’t just go away – for hundreds of years. The simple disposal of plastic has been a growing problem for waste management. It’s a global crisis, affecting us where we live and in the environment at large. The truth is pods are tiny and used one time. They are rarely rinsed or collected for recycle. They will always just go into the trash.

2.) Health risks –  Some plastic food containers are also known to have harmful effects when we use them for food and drink. The big issue with pods is they’re also exposed to hot water, which enhances the transference of harmful chemicals like BPS, BPF, and Phthalates into your coffee. Research has linked plastic pods to issues with hormone imbalances, fertility, weight gain and a higher risk of cancer. Also, consider that the lids are made from aluminum, which carries concerns about depression, anxiety, autism, autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s.

Better, Safer Pods

Gorby compostable pods are a game-changer – an answer to the environmental and health risks associated with conventional pods. Aside from being environmentally friendly the patented pods have several features that distinguishes them from the field

The thermally welded pod-to-lid seal can withstand normal out gas pressure, a normal by-product of the roasting process. The pod pressure will give the lid a domed look, and more importantly delay the aging process as well as discourage the entry of oxygen much like the old tins of MJB did in times past.

The enlarged filter can accommodate more coffee than the typical pods on the market.  Depending on the density of the coffee, the larger filter can safely accommodate up to 17 grams for those applications that call for a bold amount of coffee.

In summary, the Gorby pod will deliver a fresh brew that consumers can’t get from pods that were packed and stored for months before finding their way to the consumer. Packed with fresh-ground coffees from local vendors and retailers, they provide superior freshness, one cup at a time, that will truly rival a coffee house pour-over.  At the same time, the compostable pod that can safely be disposed of without harm to people or the environment.