For many people, coffee is more than a caffeinated beverage to give them a boost in the morning. It is artistry – a combination of flavors and aroma carefully crafted through nuance in roasting and brewing. If you are a coffee roaster, you and your customers embrace the love of the bean and how it can enhance your life with every cup. In 2020, consider expanding your coffee brand to more people of the same persuasion, with pods. 


Even if you are a coffee bean purest, you must understand that your customers come in a variety of forms. There are those who grind their beans moments before they brew and those who have their beans ground days or weeks before. Whether you like the idea of individual-cup brewing with pods or don’t, there are many people who do. To expand your coffee brand, consider the benefits of offering your unique blend to the pod people in your midst. 


Best Option in Pod Expansion

If you have been hesitant to offer pods, you may have concerns. After all, aren’t pods bad for the environment? Don’t they create more waste? If you are going to expand your coffee brand to pod people, you want to do it in an environmentally safe way. Gorby 1000 and G-Pods are the solution. We can help you give pod people your coffee artistry without lowering your standards. With our pod system, you get:


  • 100 percent degradable and compostable pod options 
  • On-site packing with the Gorby 1000, keeping your roasts at peak freshness
  • Economy – you can pack up to 1000 pods per hour
  • Ability to sell your brand to a wider audience of coffee lovers 


If you are ready to expand your coffee brand to more people who enjoy fresh, specialty blends, consider investing in the Gorby 1000 and G-Pods for your business. Contact our team to learn more about getting started with our economical and eco-friendly pod option for specialty coffee roasters.