In the last ten years, sales of coffee pod machines have gone through the roof because people today are so busy that they need things to be easy and quick. Single-served coffee delivers both those necessities. 

But eco-activists have criticized how quickly coffee capsules have become popular, pointing to the mountains of trash that pod coffee machines make as proof that they are bad for the environment.

As it turns out, coffee pods are exceptionally eco-friendly if you are considerate about the kind you buy. To satisfy your love of espresso and your environmental concern, you want compostable coffee pods. Gorby Coffee only sells single-use coffee pods that can be composted. This keeps coffee drinkers’ trash out of landfills and lowers their carbon footprint.


How are Compostable Coffee Pods More Sustainable?

  1. Disposing of your compostable coffee pods in a compost bin reduces the amount of food waste sent to landfills. 
  2. Comparatively, less than one-tenth of the energy and resources are required to produce compostable pods instead of plastic ones.
  3. Compostable pods help address the plastic crisis fueled by single-use products. 
  4. Most of coffee’s global impact happens where the coffee is cultivated, including greenhouse gas emissions, water use and fertilizer runoff issues. However, one cup of coffee from a capsule requires fewer grounds than a traditional brew, reducing the capsule’s environmental impact.
  5. A lot of water and heat is required to make one tiny cup of espresso. Therefore, the carbon footprint from energy use is higher. However, capsules offer greater efficiency. Unlike boiling a kettle full of water, pod coffee machines flash-heat only a single serving’s worth of water.


Proper Disposal of Compostable Coffee Pods is Crucial

Compostable capsules are even more sustainable than recycled aluminum or plastic ones if they are disposed of properly. Therefore, you should not throw them away with conventional trash but instead place them in special containers for transport to a composting or biomethanisation facility.


Ordering G-Pods, Gorby Coffee’s Compostable Coffee Pods

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